Excluded Zones

The following is a list of zones already in distribution from these currently available for download codebases. These are assumed to be unmodified originals, not newer, customized versions of existing zones that are found on muds such as Northern Lights, Asylum, or Phoenix. Thus, if you find it in this list, I won't take the zone and post it up here, tis better for us to download the codebase and pluck the zonefile and specials out yourself. Any zones (especially MINE) for download here are currently NOT in codebase distribution.

*--Specials file is NOT included.

pDirt zones: (These are in a DIFFERENT format from all the other versions of Dirt and have an .area extension, converter to THIS format is included) abyss, ancient, blizzard (split version with window), camelot, castle, catacomb, cave, church, dead, doom, eastcoast, eforest, fantasy, femnaz, forest, frobozz, haven, heaven, home, intro, jail, jbs, kastle, labyrinth, ledge, limbo, lww (narnia Rex version), mcastle, mithdan, moor, mountain, newbie, newvillage, nibelung, oaktree, orchold, party, pirate, pit, plain, powers, quarry, sea, sherwood, start, stjames, thenewworld, tower, townhall, treehouse, valley, waste, window.

C-Dirt zones: abyss, ancient, arena, awiz, beach, blizzard, caledonia, camelot, castle, catacomb, cave, chylon, church, cottage, deathlok, dgod, eastcoast, eforest, eosia*, evolution, fairybook*, fairytale*, fantasy, fareast, forest, frobozz, god, grove, heaven, hick, home, icecave, island, ist, labyrinth, ledge, marriage, mithdan, moor, mountain, newbie, nibelung, noxypickle, oaktree(expanded), orchold, origins*, pirate, quarry, rainforest, rome, ruins, sea, shalafi, sherwood, talon, thyrannen, tower, town, treehouse, valley, village, volcano, waste, windy*, wiz, zodiac.

I-Dirt zones: ancient, blizzard, camelot, castle, catacomb, cave, church, eforest, fantasy, forest, frobozz, hick, home, icecave, island, labyrinth, ledge, mithdan, moapt, moor, mountain, mrealms, oaktree, orchold, quarry, playhouse, ruins, sea, sherwood, talon, tower, treehouse, valley, village, waste, xlimbo, zodiac.

Dyrt zones: abyss, ancient, blizzard(split version with window), castle, catacomb, cave, church, doom, eastcoast, eforest, femnaz, forest, frobozz, heaven, home(diff.), icecave, island, jail, jbs, kastle, labyrinth, ledge, mithdan, monopoly, moor, mountain, narnia(Rex version), newbie, newvillage, nibelung, oaktree(expanded), orchold, party, pirate, pocket, powers, quarry, rhome, sea, sherwood, stjames, tower, treehouse, valley, village(expanded), waste, window(split version of blizzard).

Dirt zones: ancient, blizzard, castle, catacomb, cave, church, eforest, forest, frobozz, home, icecave, island, labyrinth, ledge, moor, mountain, oaktree, orchold, quarry, sea, tower, treehouse, valley, village, waste, xlimbo.

Aber V zones: Not examined. Comes with a 500 room rewrite of Blizzard. Is not compatible with the Dirt series.

Aber IV zones: Not examined, and perhaps no longer available. Perhaps all of Dirt's zones, minus ancient & frobozz.