The Links Section

Well, here is it...a mass of links to different sites. Those that are related to Abermudding are up front. Those that are related to muds in general follows, then finally a load of places worth visiting.

Abermudding Related...

History of Abermud 1--explore one using HTML!

"Did I get that name right? [y/n]" -- a chronicle of Zarniwoop's storied past with Abermuds, read it at

Ildharas -- prologue story to this quest.

Building Blocks: Zones -- Article on zone building, mentions Abermuds.

Interview with Alan Cox -- Conducted by MUD Planet, one of the forefathers of Abermud.

Mudding Related...

The Mud Connector--the second largest mudlist in the world, each entry with great detail.

MUD Hosting Services...

Betterbox--a mud hosting service with 200+ members and hosts four Abers.

Betterbox Mudlist--The mudlist site with all the muds hosted.

Godlike--another mud hosting service, more towards MUSH and MUX.

MudZone--a hosting service located in the United Kingdom, Smile & Dreamscape call it home.

Muds'R'Us--another services based out of New York.

Other places to visit... WAS an aber site, but now is just the CSLib - University of Southampton Computer Science Library site. WAS another aber site, but now points to whatever the House of Sul'Anar is.

The Rap Sheet Dossier -- I'm a fan of pro wrestling, and write match reviews from time to time.

New Midwest Wrestling -- The local fed in my town. repository of a couple thousand scripts to use on your webpages.

Can't find something? Try 3000 search engines...

MAME--Multiple Aracde Machine Emulator, play the old games for free!

Vintage Gaming--the central location for all video game & computer emulation!

Lycos--a search engine!

Yahoo--another search engine!

Google--The best search engine around.

Babel Fish Translation--site that translates web sites into a different language!

Google Groups--one news server that doesn't lose its mail, supposedly.

Electronic Library--find long lost books or something.

Informix--that horrid programming language I used at one time.

LinkMaster--AnOtHeR sEaRcH eNgInE! a BrOkEn ReCoRd IsN't It?

Jayde--!enigne hcraes rehtona s'ereH

Scrub the Web--I didn't know the web needs cleaning...