[GENERAL] MUDName=Ebb Of Reality MobileStart=%mobiles ObjectStart=%objects LocateStart=%locations RIndent=4 RWordWrap=79 CodeBase=0 ;0=standard zone, 1=pDirt area [ZONE] PARAM=2 P1=Name,0 P2=Author,3 [INCLUDES] PARAM=3 P1=undef.h P2=cflags.h P3=exits.h ;The first and last parameters *must* be the start/end of a record. [MOBILE] OPTIONAL=,Pflags,Mflags,Sflags,Description,Examine, PARAM=14 P1=Name,0 P2=PName,3 P3=Pflags,2 P4=Mflags,2 P5=Sflags,2 P6=Location,7 P7=Strength,1 P8=Damage,1 P9=Armor,1 P10=Aggression,8 P11=Speed,1 P12=Description,3 P13=Examine,4 P14=End,99 ;The first and last parameters *must* be the start/end of a record. [OBJECT] OPTIONAL=,AltName,Oflags,Linked,Key,Desc[0],Desc[1],Desc[2],Desc[3],Examine, PARAM=20 P1=Name,0 P2=PName,0 P3=AltName,0 P4=Oflags,2 P5=Location,5 P6=Linked,0 P7=BValue,1 P8=Size,1 P9=Weight,1 P10=Armor,1 P11=Damage,1 P12=State,1 P13=MaxState,1 P14=Key,0 P15=Desc[0],3 P16=Desc[1],3 P17=Desc[2],3 P18=Desc[3],3 P19=Examine,4 P20=End,99 ;The first and last parameters *must* be the start/end of a record. [LOCATION] OPTIONAL=,N,S,E,W,U,D, PARAM=14 P1=RoomID,0 P2=N,7 P3=S,7 P4=E,7 P5=W,7 P6=U,7 P7=D,7 P8=NE,99 P9=NW,99 P10=SE,99 P11=SW,99 P12=lflags,2 P13=Title,3 P14=Desc,4 [PFLAGS] FLAGS=9 F1=NoExorcise F2=NoHassle F3=NoAlias F4=NoZap F5=NoSummon F6=NoTrace F7=NoSteal F8=NoMagic F9=NoForce [OFLAGS] FLAGS=43 F1=Destroyed F2=NoGet F3=Openable F4=Lockable F5=Pushable F6=PushToggle F7=Food F8=Boat F9=Armor F10=Wearable F11=ExcludeWear F12=WearOnFace F13=WearOnHead F14=WearOnNeck F15=WearOnBody F16=WearOnBack F17=WearOnArms F18=WearOnHands F19=WearOnLegs F20=WearOnFeet F21=Lightable F22=Extinguish F23=Key F24=GetFlips F25=Lit F26=Container F27=Weapon F28=WaterBreathe F29=ProtFire F30=ProtMissile F31=ProtShock F32=ProtFrost F33=ProtAll F34=ProtSummon F35=ProtDeath F36=EnhFire F37=EnhMissile F38=EnhShock F39=EnhFrost F40=EnhMana F41=EnhCombat F42=EnhHealing F43=Money [MFLAGS] FLAGS=33 F1=CanFireball F2=CanMissile F3=CanShock F4=CanFrost F5=NegFrost F6=NegFireball F7=NegMissile F8=NegShock F9=NoHeat F10=Thief F11=StealWorn F12=StealWeapon F13=PitIt F14=DrainLev F15=DrainScr F16=NoMove F17=BarNorth F18=BarSouth F19=BarWest F20=BarEast F21=BarDown F22=BarUp F23=Qfood F24=Blind F25=Deaf F26=Dumb F27=NoGrab F28=GrabHostile F29=PickStuff F30=NoSteal F31=Cross F32=Block F33=NoWeapons [LFLAGS] FLAGS=22 F1=Death F2=CantSummon F3=NoSummon F4=NoQuit F5=NoSnoop F6=NoMobiles F7=NoMagic F8=Peaceful F9=Soundproof F10=OnePerson F11=Party F12=Private F13=OnWater F14=UnderWater F15=Outdoors F16=TempExtreme F17=NegRegen F18=NoRegen F19=Maze F20=AllVis F21=Bank F22=Dark [SFLAGS] FLAGS=3 F1=Aloof F2=Female F3=Possessed [CFLAGS] FLAGS=6 F1=IN_ROOM F2=IN_CONTAINER F3=CARRIED_BY F4=WORN_BY F5=WIELDED_BY F6=BOTH_BY ;0=Identifier ;1=Numeric Value ;2=Flag List ;3=Quoted, One Line ;4=Quoted, Multi-Line ;5=CFlag (IN_ROOM:XXXX@ZONE, WORN_BY:XXXX@Zone, etc.) ;6=Non-Quoted, Multi-Line, used for pDirt's Trap ;7=Location, Used for the Location tag, creates a dropdown list of locations. ;8=Percentage Value (0-100) ;9=No Parameter for this Field