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For those looking to hook up with an Aberchat server, you have your choice. Kroll from Smile hosts two aberchat servers, one without restrictions and one with restrictions. The one with restrictions requires the approval of all it's members (currently Smile, Darkscapes, Astral Plains, and Promised Land) to join and powers must meet policy requirements. Sorisor of Delusion supposedly started one though it is not confirmed, and Rhadamanthus has his hosted on XTC (no other members as of yet, and may not stick around). You need to log into the particular MUD which hosts an aberchat server and apply for membership.

XOOM still lives in one particalur form... Too bad I didn't sign up with them instead of the bought up American and now defunct counterpart.

Ever wanted to be an archwizard or higher power but the ruling regimes on your favorite MUD keep overlooking you time and time again? Run a mud and have great difficulty finding people to admin your MUD? Let's get the parties together. If you want to be an archwizard or want to hire an archwizard, write up an ad about yourself and post it on the FORUM board. Who knows, I got my power position by posting an ad on my own webpage, maybe the same will happen to you.

For those who need a slightly easier to remember URL, try, though you're stuck with multiple pop-up ads.

For users of the program Netword, you can jump to this page by entering the keyword TCAL.

BUG REPORTS TO HERE! on either the zones, or ZGEN.

New stuff added recently:
10/17/2K3--I have created an Abermud Announcements BLOG to take the place of a full-blown AA newsletter. The NEWS links will now take you to that blog, links to the old AA files are below.
5/9/2K3--In a fit of utter boredom, performed a long neglected update of the links section, clearing out a number of dead links or moved sites.
12/21/2K2--Another minor update to ZGEN, version 0.32c fixing a couple flaws I found converting more zones with it.
12/6/2K2--The old Abermud 2 source code has been modified so it can compile on a newer Unix OS. Now linked in the MUDSTUFF section.

Previous Issues of Abermud Announcements:

.14. .13. .12. .11. .10. .9. .8. .7. .6. .5. .4.

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Sorry Web TV users, but apparently the makers of this stuff ripped you off when they forgot to put in a terminal emulator so you can log in to your UNIX account, text-based muds, and IRC chatlines. Take my advice, go get a personal computer, you'll be able to do a WHOLE lot more than with that thing.

For those without a telnet client or are stuck with one of those hideous NCs, there is a limited number of Java terminal emulators around, perhaps all not totally perfected, and your browser must be able to run Java programs. Those muds that have a Java terminal emulator on their web pages have been noted with this symbol: "%" Unfortunately WebTV, Sega Netlink'ers, and any other browser that's not Java-compatible are still out of luck. ;(

Muds removed recently: Solstice (closed), Serenity (closed), Sussex (vanished).

The following is a list of defunct muds (with any links to webpages that still exist.) These include 4th Dimension, Abysmal, Acheon, Aetheria/Trillium, Age of Power, Alternate Worlds (never opened), Anarchy, Archeon, Askerbulkum, Astral Plains, Atlantis, Backlands, Battlelands, Bedlam, Bernie, Black Star, Budapest, Cabo Wabo, DankMud, Dark Moon, DestiniMUD, Dirt/Ulrik, Dragon's Lair, Dreamscape, Eclipse, Fantasia, Friikkila, Forgotten City, Generation Z, Gothik, Highlands, Hysteria/ZENmud, Illusionary Realms, Inferno, Infinity Hellfire, Kamikaze, Katshitushkw's Lair, Leviathan, Longhorn, Lung Rot, NalleMUD, Nemesis, Neverholm, Newark, Nocturnal Days, Orion II, PBMania, PrairieMUD, PuKaK, Purgatory, Rain City, Rainbow, Reckless, Reflections, Renegade, Roadhouse, RuneMUD, Shadowlands, Shamrock, Silver Den, Southwind, Stormclouds, Summerlands, Tempest, Terradome, The Old World, TyrannII, Thatmud, Virtual Sun, Whirlwind, Yadesma, XTC. Those thinking of starting a mud perhaps should locate the owners of these and offer to take it over instead of starting from scratch. (There, a bone thrown to the anti-iDirt clone people!)


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