Resources for Abermuds

A partial listing

This is a list of MUD stuff for download that includes MUDs, MUD add-ons/features, or Telnet clients. It is a continuing work in progress and is open to submissions, just like the mudlist. Note that you need a program that handles the many different file compression formats, such as WinZip (handles more of the PC-based formats) and PowerZip (handles more of the UNIX formats), which can be acquired from It is recommended that an FTP program be used to download .GZ, .TGZ, and .Z files due to Windows-based browsers not downloading these file formats properly such as LeechFTP which can be acquired from this winfiles directory. Enjoy!

It was suggested I try an FTP search engine to find more Abermud related stuff (I happened to have used Lycos FTP search in this case) and came up with a number of sites that were housing various Abermud source files which I've added below as "other sites to try" and incidently have the same files archived under different formats. Some sites do go down over time. I don't make it a practice to host files locally, but will if necessary.

Info Stuff

Furry Ideas--a HUGE 1.5MB gathering of ideas for spells, elementals, alchemy, rune stone powers, wild foods and alcoholic beverages, types of undead monsters, and nasty little poisons. Many good ideas for quest building. Collection gathered by Mortdred.


AberEd--a zone editor for dirt3 type of muds. The flag setup is for Northern Lights, but it can easily be configured for other dirt3 type AberMUDs. Written by Ithor in C. From NL FTP.

Zone Writer--A zone editor for all flavors of Abermud, written in Visual Basic 6 by Excalibur. Click this link to view the list of Zonewriter resources.

ZGEN v0.32c--Zone GENerator for diku-circle to Aber-Dirt conversion. Last modified: 12/21/2K2.
Read the ZGEN manual here.

Mudlist Client-Server--A mudlist perl script by Ellyll that generates an info file and an html file based on information downloaded from a central server. This script is for those who do not wish to take the time to maintain their own list of muds.

Abermud Download Sites

Abermud Central--A centralized location to download code patches for your aber codebase.

AIME Development--A new type of source code by Slate and Marty. It is yet to be determined if this should be classified as a new off-shoot of Abermud or its own animal.

Stormclouds -- Has a large number of patches and the source code for idirt and a version that compiles under SuSE Linux.

Abermud Source Codes

AberChat 4.20.9--Latest version of the Aberchat Client, seperate versions for idirt, cdirt and Diku-Merc-Godwars! Plus Red Hat Linux patch for C-Dirt.

Abermud Two--a piece of Aber history, this runs in UNIX. What's amazing is how common this particular version is on FTP sites despite being obselete--mainly due to its distribution on a particular CD-ROM entitled X2 Support Group Game Development Archives. Zones though aren't in a format you could use....
Other sites to try:,",,,, The Rabbithole.

Abermud Two Update--David Kinder in an attempt to get Abermud 2 to run on a modern Unix OS, did work on the source code and got it to compile.

Abermud 386--here is a later version of Abermud Two, you should notice some major differences in this one. Warning, this is a .Z file requiring a different unzipper. This was a conversion made for SCO-Xenix 386, and will probably work on SCO-UNIX systems. Alas, the documentation page has gone away. version of Aber II similar to the previous, dated 1989, half of it is RCS files (.GZ format).

AberMUD 4.0--What was common before Dirt hit it big. Another version PKZipped.

AberMUD 5.30.0--The most different looking version of Aber code, Sleepless Nights and Swords & Sorcery currently run using this code base.
Other sites to try:,,, (all .Z compressed).
Source Forge--A newer version of Aber 5 is being worked on here, stored under a CVS tree where you can download the source files, though it appears work on this has ended entirely.

C-Dirt (Crossroads)--current release version is 2.42, with beta version 3.0.4. AberChat client version 4.27 and patches for chatting to others players on other muds without leaving the one you're on! (Smile MUD is the host site for aberchat.)
C-Dirt 2.41 older version.
Disclaimer for version 2.3, please read this.

Dirt 3.1--basic dirt 3.1 code. It has been placed here curtesy of Nicknack. From NL FTP.
Other FTP sites to try: (.Z compressed), (.GZ compressed).

iDirt sourcecode--Contains an ENTIRE mud called iDirt. Versions 1.65-1.82. From MudZone FTP.
Other sites to try:,

Dyrt 1.2--one of the first alternatives to basic Dirt 3.1, now available for download.
Mail Rex for questions about Dyrt 1.2.

pDirt 1.41--A total rewrite of Dyrt 1.2 and the dirt zone format. Alternate location.

Old Aber II-IV Code--this is 1989 version code (so far as the dates of these files stored are concerned) sitting on this site blood.c, blood.h, parse.c, bprintf.c is all that's there. blood.c contains a different fight message generation system, the rest may only be good for reading. From
GZ compressed --

FTP Sites about everything for any brand of MUD.

Indiana State Univ. FTP--this FTP site contains a number of telnet and mud clients.

MudZone FTP--not a lot here, but a few versions of Abermud, Diku, and LP.

Northern Lights FTP--Contains Dirt 3.1 (this version does not interface correctly with some Windows-based Telnet clients), colorcodes, zone editors, and linkdead code.

Virtual Sun FTP--another place to get Dirt 3.1 and a zone editor.

Telnet & MUD Clients

The EBBS Gallery of Client Software for Muds and/or MOOs--another place to download various MUD clients.

EWAN--the telnet client I use (seems to crash often after so long with multiple copies open at once.)

MUD Connector's MUD Clients Directory--speaks for itself, a sizable directory of clients to download.

Mud Resources--A bigger listing of Winsock clients. (Some items repeated here.)

MUTT--Multi-User Trival Terminal, interface with a vareity of muds.

NetTerm--another telnet client loaded with features for more than just telnet, also use for accessing BBS'es by modem, FTP, and many more!

Terminate--supposedly the FINAL terminal program. of stuff, including those telnet and MUD clients you're searching for.

X Client--A experimental, but graphical interface for player Abermuds.

Zmud --another client for mudding, recommended by many.

ZOC--ZOC is a modem and telnet program. Includes features like: ISDN support for CAPI V1.1 (OS/2 only) and CAPI V2.0 board. Emulations: TTY, VT52, VT100, VT102, VT220, AVATAR, ANSI. File transfer protocols: Ascii, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, CompuServe-B, Kermit (including resume for Zmodem and CompuServe-B).

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