It's a joke, but anyway here is your listing of currently released zones into public distribution. Clicking on the zone name brings up an info file or webpage on the zone, clicking on the author allows you to MAIL that person, and GetIt! does exactly that.

DISCLAIMER: The zone may or may not be ready to stick in your MUD right away. You will have to insert the commands used in doing any quests or special interaction and should be in a seperate file away from the zone itself. The format of your mud may differ from the format the zone is written in and may need some conversion so it will be compatiable.

Zones that are included in codebases are the following... If you want a copy of any of those, you should download the codebase associated with it and pluck the thing out.

Zone Name AuthorBrief DescriptionDownload
Bal Harbor Crimefighter Newest version as of 3/21/2K1, fully debugged and coded for C-Dirt. Investigate the murder of this city's mayor, the ensuing riots, the kidnapping of a weapon maker, and confront the man responsible to free the city from the overthrowers. GetIt!
BatcaveSanyth Enter a small cave inhabited with dangerous bats and werewolves and free the Queen of the Damned from her husband.GetIt!
Cathedral Lavinrac Free the cathedral from the evil vampires inhabiting it, restoring its treasures to their rightful owner. For more information, prove yourself worthy to the priest in the small church.GetIt!
Cathedral TheMentor Colorcoded version of the above, specials file included. GetIt!
Chess Aten
A madman wants to make you a "pawn" for his games. Can you escape his pranks and magical tricks for a final showdown with the royal jester? GetIt!
DragonsluethJoJo Down inside a snowy crevasse, a number of dragons hide out waiting for someone dumb enough to challenge the Dragonslueth! GetIt!
EnchanterJonixTravel to the lands near Signal Mountain to find the evil enchanter Krill's castle. Once there, find the five scrolls of powerful magic and use them to banish Krill to another realm before he destroys the entire Promised Land! Hint: some special commands unique to this quest are used throughout, and the scrolls of magic can only be used three times each. GetIt!
A city plunged into darkness by a since deceased huberistic ruler, now ruled by the ferocious monsters and zombies, seeks help from the outside to rescue the remaining survivors and injured, and eradicate the evil beings from the place once and for all. Not for the faint of heart, or the weak and defenseless. (not debugged) GetIt!
GoldThumper In the small church beyond the barrows most things seem to be made out of gold... This must surely mean they have some hidden treasure somewhere! Request by mail.
A horde of demons plaque a peaceful kingdom. Can you take the heat, fight them off, and rescue the king? GetIt!
HeavenMartyr An old relic from the Aber 4 days, this has some differences from the version commonly distributed. GetIt!
Ildharas Kalivir The Ildharas, now in ruins, cries for a hero to avenge the deaths of its citizens at the hands of Falathzar's demons and fulfill Lusiten's destiny. This is accomplished by performing a five-step ritual, written on a tomb, hidden somewhere in his castle...are you brave enough to do it? GetIt!
My HomeroomCrimefighter The Courtroom. basically toys of mine I've come up with. But also included in the file is code patches to make the CRIPPLE and MUTE spell work with mobiles, the ARREST command, and the specials to my items. Just added: Changes to how chances to hit and cast are done, plus better use of blind and cripple. GetIt!
NEW Ledge Crimefighter A long since missing person was last seen swimming off the eastern coastline planning to do an underwater dive--follow him in if you wish, but avoid the storm. Also an old mine tunnel was discovered in a cave by the moors--but stay out if a quake hits. And an orb was lost somewhere in the middle of this...but the presense of EVIL looms near. GetIt!
New SpartaNaved
New Sparta, where with technology comes power, and with power comes danger! Travel to this city of the future and visit Cheers, the Bishop, the Bloodbowl game, Fire Marshall Bob, and enjoy high-class shopping! GetIt!
Saxon Snubweasel The Beowulf quest, based on the literary work of the same name. High combat, very high in fact. Fun for points, nostalgia, what not. A little bit of thinking required, mainly planning. Return a flyer to the great Beowulf and he will give you your instructions. Make sure and keep the flyer visible at all times while attempting the quest.Request by mail.
Southern DesertFreak
Take a trip into the great southern desert! Bring your canteen and beware of indians!GetIt!
Temple of the Bull Aten
Visit a strange temple filled with a odd cult who worship a strange being behind a golden mask. Beware, many of his followers will fight to the death to protect their leader, and they ain't pushovers! GetIt!
Yllythad SeaKaan CrimefighterThe Yllythad Sea zone and Beach and Lighthouse or N.W. Beaches zone. A large 300 room ocean to hook up new land masses or islands to. Is set up to hook into Bal Harbor and the New Village zone. Many powerful mobiles in the ocean to make it not so safe to travel. ZGEN converted! GetIt!
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