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If click on one of the port number doesn't spawn an telnet client, try downloading this one: NetTerm Clicking on the mud name will bring up that mud's web page. A couple of these have more than one webpage, click on either the first or second underlined link word.

Key to code bases & variants: - iDirt - Dirt 3.1 - Dyrt - pDirt - Aber 5 - C-Dirt
others unknown or unique given no differing color.

Mud Name AddressIP AddressPortComment
7 Degrees of Freedom7dof.org
Apocalypsemosescentral.com209.172.7.49 6969
Asylum% asylum-mud.org194.105.176.13 6715
Atrocity atrocity.org80.68.92.12 6715
Cryospherecryosphere.net 6666MUSIC
Darkscapes / Erad. Worlds II darkscapes.xs4all.nl
Delusion% delusion.mud.de141.30.225.3 6715
DragonMUD II%cs1.betterbox.net new site
Ebb of Realityebb.wetearth.net
ElvenMUDellyll.net217.160.132.145 6715
Infinity infinity-mud.org199.45.236.131 6715
Kenders Kovekove.hollyfeld.org
Link to Perfectionentropy.tmok.com 6715
Mystique MUDmystiquemud.net66.161.232.70 3814
Northern Lights aber.ludd.ltu.se213.80.123.48 6715new ip
Phoenix%phoenix.terrabox.com new site
Saorsasaorsa.net207.206.185.91 6715testmud
Sleepless Nightssleepless.cheese.org
Sloth III#slothmud.org69.64.36.225 6101(Diku)
Smilesmile.ath.cx72.228.28.94 6715
TerraFirmA% terrafirma.terra.mud.org
(*) restricted hours (#) Not an abermud (%) Java Telnet Client avail.

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