Welcome! You have arrived at one of the few sites that exist covering the forerunner of most types of MUDs--AberMUD. It has been tricky to find stuff related to Abermud while there are dozens of sites covering the LP and Dikumud variants, and this is how I came to create one site where you have most accurate, up-to-date, and complete Abermud listing around, a collection of downloadable source code and zones for your Aber, and links to about all other AberMUD related web and FTP sites that exist. Of course, keeping this listing up-to-date isn't so simple, but if a mudowner creates, modifies, or deletes their mud, mail me here! Inform me of any web violations before complaining to the site itself.

The guys with Tripod, in an effort to throw the middle finger at those who use pop-up ad blockers, have resorted to slapping ads on the bottom of each page. And they say do not make sites with frames or ads will appear in all frames. Recommended that users continue to browse with Netscape with javascript disabled. Internet Explorer users have no way to disable java.

For any updates and news, Read the Abermud Blog by clicking the NEWS link or here!

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